Mári Mákó is a sound artist and composer based in Rotterdam and Berlin. Her work has been described as avant-garde electronic and post-club, characterized by controlled yet abstract complexity in her music. She creates her own instruments to produce unique and unconventional sounds in her compositions. These practices are informed by her research interests, which include the ecology of listening, experimental notations, interactive designs, and conducting processes.Currently, she is pursuing her Doctor of Liberal Arts program at MOME in Budapest while also participating in residencies between Rotterdam and Berlin.

As a composer Mári Mákó has worked together with ensembles such as: Maze Esenmble, But What About ensemble and Klang ensemble. In her pieces she seeks to explore the experience of musical flow between the muscians and composer. For that she is using her own compositional technique as conducting with graphic symbols.

She is actively performing in Europe with various projects and currently working on her debut album.